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Let's Play America Hopscotch

Family playing on the hopscotch on the Play Lady's driveway

let's play america Hopscotch project

Let's Play America has just received a grant from the Takoma Foundation to put our Hopscotch Project into motion!  The project consists of painting a Let's Play America hopscotch in ten (10) playgrounds throughout the Takoma Park area.  Once all 10 hopscotches are painted, we will hold a celebration at one of the sites.  Residents who are interested in helping paint the hopscotches from January through April 2018 should contact Pat, the Play Lady, at or at (301) 928-9962


Now that the weather is getting nicer, the hopscotch project is underway!  Colby Park (yellow) and Sligo Creek Parkway (white) and Forest Park (white 2) now have beautiful hopscotches.  Pat Rumbaugh & Donna Graham painted the hopscotches as kids, parents stopped by.  A lady named Amy stopped in at Sligo Creek and said, “I can’t wait to hopscotch.”