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Pat Rumbaugh and Daniel Nakamura created the children's book "Let's Play at the Playground" to remind adults and children of the joys of playing at the playground.

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What people are saying about the book:

"Play is such a vital part of children's lives, yet it is easily forgotten in our overscheduled lives. This book serves as a delightful reminder to adults and children alike that play lays the foundation for a lifetime of physical activity, for our lives with peers, and even for the way we understand the world and make it our own. Viva la Play!"
-- Joan Almon, Founding Director, The U.S. Alliance for Childhood

"Rare is the book that gives kids' free play the prominence it deserves. This joyously pictorial panorama of playground play lifts one's spirit. Its compelling pictures capture the joy of spontaneous playground play, and evokes the momentum for a lifetime of healthy play, sharing, and cooperation. Bravo!"
-- Stuart L.Brown, MD, Founder and President, The National Institute for Play

"By the time I finish reading this book at our library's Circle Time, the kids are revved up to run outside and play. It's thrilling to see how this book inspires kids to get up and get moving."
-- Karen MacPherson, Children's Youth Services Coordinator, Takoma Park Library