Let's Play Outside

A book inspiring children to play outside!

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Let's Play at the Playground

A book capturing children playing at their local playgrounds!

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Summer Brain-Building Tips for Parents and Caregivers

“Embrace every day by bringing your children outside to play. Invite your neighbors to play. Step back and let the children take the lead; only assist with access to balls, books, dress-up clothes, sidewalk chalk, water, etc. and watch the magic of play. —Pat Rumbaugh, Founder, Let’s Play America

Jack Montgomery & Michael Lioe’s Article

September 2023-May 2024 interns,

Fred Rogers Helper Recipient

Director of Let's Play America won the 2023 Fred Rogers Helper Award for her active community service, sharing play with communities far and wide.

Embracing Sports, Volunteering, and Community Engagement

Let's Play America's intern shares about his exciting journey as an international student, acro-team member, and play inter.

Move to Live More

February 2024, Pat Rumbaugh, LPA’s co-founder/executive director is featured in Dr. Amy Bantham’s book: Move to Live More! See the first paragraph to chapter 18, Role Models below. Role Models: Innovative Initiatives Helping Children Move More - Modeling Active, Playful Behavior

Play Day Chronicles

Let's Play America's intern shares about his participation in a Play Day!

Play Day Chronicles

Let's Play America's founder discusses how to build confidence through play!

Kindness Day

The City of Takoma Park hosts their annual Kindness Day, which has been a thing the last two years to honor Takoma Park native Tommy Raskin.

Saving Play: One Playful Step at a Time

Our co-founder/executive director, Pat Rumbaugh gave two TED-Talks on PLAY! For more news visit our Full Archives!