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Let's Play America Needs YOUR Help

We are always looking for dedicated, enthusiastic people who are interested in volunteering. Would you like to share your talents with us at an upcoming event or on an ongoing basis?

Please download and complete the volunteer form, then send us an email at [email protected] with the form attached!

PLEASE NOTE: Volunteers under the age of 18 must have a parent signature on the form.

Volunteers Share About Their Experience:


“I am the “Truck Lady” for Let’s Play America which means that I get to pack and move all of the toys to and from Play Days and special events. It often means early mornings and arrivals to festivals where even the unloading of the seesaw, the huge “Connect 4” and hula hoops brings smiles to children and adults waiting to help set up and get ready to play. The NBC4 Health Expo is a memorable favorite of mine. We start loading the truck in the dark, travel on empty DC streets and unload in a sleepy Convention Center. Soon we are playing hopscotch or corn hole with the gathered early crowd in time for an early News show.  The games are magnets to any children around. It is definitely worth an early morning!”
Carolyn M. Fink, Ph. D., CCE   AKA, “Truck Lady”

“Nothing beats being a dress-up lady at a play event! Some kids want to independently put together an outfit, and some are happy to have help. Either way, the look on a child’s face when they spot themselves in the mirror is priceless! They look transported, perhaps imagining themselves as the star of a show, turning this way and that to get the full effect.  Some are happy to remain with that one image, others can’t vary their look fast enough. And the youngest kids enjoy just running their hands through the bead box! The dress-up area is truly a place of joy.”
Judy Jaffie, “The Dress-Up Lady”