What happened to takoma plays

TakomaPlays! was founded by Pat Rumbaugh in March 2009 and consisted of people in the Takoma Park community who wanted to promote play.

The group of play advocates met regularly, planned free play events in the community and were instrumental in Takoma Park being named as a Playful City USA.

TakomaPlays became part of the larger organization of Let's Play America when it was incoporated as a nonprofit in January 2015. Local community members are active in the organization and continue to plan local play events.

Pat and Daniel, founders of Let's Play America, hope that Takoma Park can serve as a model for other communities interested in promoting play.

Updates related to events in Takoma Park can be found on the Let's Play America website. For archival information about TakomaPlays, visit its old website, which is no longer in active use.

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